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  • Discovery is a¬† 2800+ core Linux cluster that is available to the Dartmouth research community.
    • We encourage research groups who have compute-intensive applications to consider participating by purchasing additional nodes.
    • For more information see the Investing in Discovery page.
  • Discovery contains ‘C’ and FORTRAN compilers as well as third party applications.
    • Requests to install additional application software are welcomed and should be directed to Research Computing.
  • Job submissions on Discovery are submitted to a queue.
    • A queuing system allows for more equitable allocation of resources and optimizes cpu usage.
    • For more information see the Scheduling Jobs to Run page.
  • Discovery¬† is available to the entire Dartmouth community including, the Geisel School of Medicine and DHMC campuses.
    • Users will only be able to access the cluster via the on-campus network or by accessing Dartmouth VPN.
      • To login to the cluster, users must use a client like SSH, SFTP or a client that uses these protocols.
    • To request an account via Discovery’s account request form: Click here

We would like to acknowledge the generous institutional support from the Office of Vice Provost of Research and Information Technology Services.